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We are a group of two flamenco guitarists.
The uniqueness of our music is that it is a combination of passionate flamenco, melancholic and nostalgic blues and an aggressive rock. It is gaining so much popularity as a quite emotional music through words of mouth.
After traveling across Italy and France in 2009 on composition basis, we did record our original songs that we released thereafter.
The extraordinary sounds of our guitar, the excitement of our live performances, the messages our original songs convey and the capability of one of the staff to hold a live talk remain the main reason behind the love and popularity our trio enjoys among people of all generations.
Our group is proud to have attracted an audience of about one thousand people on Summer 2011 during our independence concert. The proceeds from that live concert were donated to the stricken region of the Great East Japan Earthquake. As a group of artists, one of our aims is to keep on helping the devastated zone on its recovery efforts.